Knowledge and Learning

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The true method of knowledge is experiment.

-William Blake

In company courses.

Custom build courses or seminars are offered concerning the following topics:
-Leadership and group development in changing organizations.
-Change Management.
-Intercultural communication.
-Knowledge creation.

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Knowledge Factory: create innovative knowledge in sustainable networks.

In a knowledge factory we co-create knowledge for professional practices in an inter-organizational network, consisting of professionals, researchers and young professionals or students.

The Knowledge Factory is a creative, highly structured, five-hour group meeting. The intervention works as a pressure cooker in which we dynamically explore and explicate tacit-knowledge of professionals. Professionals represent the complexity of practice, experiential learning and performance. Researchers represent the possible –yet limited- solutions that theories and methodologies have to offer. Students or young professionals represent necessary idealism and constructive naivety.

-Professionals are inspired to try out the new knowledge that emerged and discover how it works in practice.
-Researchers renewed their insight in the complexity of practice.
-Students or young professionals have learned to participate in innovation and expanded their network.