Group Development

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You can discover more of a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation


Feedback Ensembles: Improve performance and deliberate communication skills.

In Feedback Ensembles we discover new ways to improve the performance of organizations. In an assembled group of governors, management, operations, support and clients the work of the organization is assessed by the exchange of deliberate feedback.
A Feedback Ensemble is a creative, highly structured group seminar in an attractive theatrical environment. The intervention centralizes the basic question: How does the work lead to our goals and mission? As we answer this question from the present organizational perspectives, paradoxical and sometimes conflicting insights will emerge. These contradictions shall be transformed and overcome by the practice of deliberate feedback that leads to goal alignment.

Participants will leave with:
-Improved and feedback skills that lead to enhanced professional performances.
-Renewed insight in the structural and communicative patterns in the organization that can lead to or obstruct performance.

Intercultural Roundtables: Explore diversity and make a difference.

Organizations contain a wide range of behavioral, cognitive and cultural varieties that potentially makes them resilient in coping with changes. During an intercultural roundtable we explore these differences in an interactive and empowering setting. The five hour intervention is very personal and participants must be open to discussing family and cultural backgrounds. They are encouraged to see beyond first impressions of others and investigate the advantages of variety. Simultaneously the strength of individual stories and identities for the greater good -the experience of transitional space- is being unveiled.

Afterwards participants:
-Have an improved understanding of their co-workers and their potential value to the organizations.
-Are empowered to contribute to the organization from their individual potential and talent.
-Understand the relevance, benefits and relativity of their individual belief-systems for the collective organization.

Guided Intervision

Intervision is a dialogue-procedure for a peer group of practitioners that work in the same field, or for teams. The goal is to improve the expertise of those involved, to advance the quality of their work and individual performances. A structured methodology is followed. Participants take turns in discussing their individual learning questions. Collectively we work on unraveling issues and co-creating perspectives for change and development.

After a series of six guided (two hour) sessions, groups are capable of following the methodology independently.