Change Advisory

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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

-Benjamin Franklin

Deliberate change in organizations is a joint effort that is inspired, initiated and navigated by the leadership. Change comes with intelligent strategies that include a motivational approach, visionary concepts and political insight. Yet spontaneity, curiosity and a sense of community are indispensable.

The model for change that I use embraces the idea that the learning and change process in organizations can be based on strategy and design. Synchronously it is an emergent and spontaneous process that can not be ultimately controlled. A thorough understanding of active change acknowledges this complex paradox.

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Advisory Model

The first step in the change process is to develop a clear vision of the organization in the future, and accordingly to design a strategy for change. Once the vision and strategy are communicated this will immediately lead to new behaviors and learning transactions in the work system. As we study these foreseen and unforeseen communicative patterns, wanted and unwanted, we can step by step co-create transitional scenario’s to realize our foresights. This is change by reinvention.

* This model is an adapted version of original theories by M.M. Crossan and M. Sorenti on organizational improvisation.